Snow Foam

  • Thick and smooth foam that sticks
  • Penetrating into areas that normal washing cannot reach
  • Help lift away heavy dirt, grime and contaminants before the wash process
  • Wax & Coating friendly
  • pH Neutral
SNOW FOAM is a neutral preparation that creates a thick but delicate layer of active foam that sticks firmly to the surface of the car and effectively dissolves dirt. The foam has excellent washing properties, without damaging the coatings or waxes.
Available capacities:

Fireball Snow Foam is a non-contact, thick foam pre-wash intended to help lift away heavy dirt, grime and contaminants before the wash process. Using a pre-wash foam such as Snow Foam greatly reduces the risk of introducing swirls or scratches to the paintwork; and makes the wash process even more thorough – penetrating into areas that normal washing cannot reach.

Fireball Snow Foam is pH neutral and will not harm any existing coatings or sealants you’ve applied. Snow Foam presents excellent value for money too with a dilution ratio from 1:30 up to 1:60 (which is far more concentrated than the other competitors on the market)

Usage method:

The foam adheres better to a dry surface, but if the surface is hot, we recommend rinsing it with cold water to lower the temperature.


Shake well before use.
You can dilute the preparation with water in a ratio of 1:30 in a foam sprayer.
Apply foam to the surface and let it sit for about 1-2 minutes.
Do not let it dry and rinse thoroughly with water.


Apply from the bottom up (from the dirtiest parts on the sills to the roof).
In the absence of a sprayer, you can apply the product from any sprayer. No foam will be produced, but cleaning properties will be maintained.
If outdoor application in direct sunlight or high temperature is unavoidable, increase the dilution of the foam by adding more water to prevent the product from drying out to the surface before rinsing.

Do not use on hot surfaces. Store in a cool and shaded place.

Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, but Snow Foam is developed to be used with pressure and may not perform as expected.
Snow Foam acts as a non-contact solution that lifts dirt and debris from the surface without having to scrub and risk scratching or marring the surface.
Yes, Snow Foam is a pH- neutral formula and can be used on coated and non-coated vehicles.


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